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We started making pens from kits about twelve years ago as presents for family and friends. As popularity increased, we began to attend major craft shows where, through talking with pen devotees, we gained a unique insight into what is required of a pen.

Our interest is mainly in producing the wood bodies in many different styles, colours and textures, but we found a need to improve the writing tips and especially fountain pen nibs, which we now specially import from Germany. We also supply rollerball writing tips which we believe are the best available.

To be completely satisfied that our pens look and feel beautiful, but are also functional and long lasting, we searched for exceptionally high quality fittings, which were found in the U.S.A. With an engineering background, we are also able to design and custom build our own fittings, plated to specification and a 25 year guarantee is offered on all Unica, Freccia and Classica pens.

We're a small business operating from a craft workshop, where we produce the stock for our successful craft shows. We very much enjoy what we do and it's not our ambition to expand into a mass production factory. However we are prepared to produce (and have already produced) custom gift sets incorporating company logos. The most popular is a plated brass ring engraved with a logo or lettering but, being a small workshop, we will consider any feasible idea, for a reasonable quantity order.

In addition to pens, we also manufacture a range of boxes and accessories.

Franco Pierro.
About Pierro


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